Roger De Tanios is a French and Lebanese international legal advisor with a passion for art. This duality led him to depict global vivid incarnations of human nature in his series of paintings and sculptures.  A few years ago, Roger de Tanios embarked on an international art exhibition tour, displaying his sculptures and paintings in more than 117 International exhibitions since 2014 till the Corona pandemic.

He started his art journey with His most famous collection of sculptures to date: The Aychak Man Collection. He created this character after meeting up with his friend that said “aych ya man “that translates into what’s up man “. The clash of cultures and the paradox of the two words strike Roger De Tanios’s interest. He wanted to syphon that oxymoron and turn it into something more concrete and visible. The sculptures come in many shapes, sizes and materials and all portray an incognito bulked up individual tied all around. The visible paradox of a hero-like figure tangled by its values, morals and ethics piqued the interest of numerous art critics. His artwork goes even deeper and can be interpreted as an epitome for the dilemma every human goes through: lust or reason?

Throughout the years, his painting style evolved and became what it is today: a fusion of surrealism and cubism with notes of abstract. His new series of portrait characters represents the emotional roadmap invisible to the human eye, that lies beneath the surface.

Each painting is unique and represents a different set of emotions highlighted by the smart and calculated use of certain colors.

During the Global Tour, the artist visited major International and European art capitals and cities including, New York, Miami, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris, Milan, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Strasbourg, Bruges, Prague, Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, Amsterdam, Moscow, Montreux, Saint-Petersburg and Vienna where he received a prize from the Vienna Museum of  Young Art.  

Roger De Tanios has won more than 14 international awards and prizes such as the sculpture Award from the Gaudi Museum -Casa Battló – Barcelona, the Award of Art Prague, and Atr Salerno-Italy. He also received the Beirut Golden Award for his international artistic achievements.

Starting in 2024 Roger de Tanios will continue his international tour and he will be showcasing his paintings and sculptures in several art capitals in the world such as Cannes, Ibiza, London, Miami, Milano, Monaco, New York, Paris, and other European cities to reveal once more in his own exquisite way the beautiful interaction between civilizations.